Debbie E.

Director of Accounts

If you ever took piano lessons, then you probably learned the "The Little Indian" song. Imagine hearing that same song practically every day. I did as I grew up because my mom gave piano and flute lessons in our home.

And you could say music ran in the family.

My mother’s brother is a public school music teacher and plays the clarinet. Her other two brothers learned the trombone and French horn. Their father, my grandfather, was the superintendent of music for the Milton, Massachusetts public school system. And my grandmother enjoyed playing the piano and singing.

So of course, my cousins and I played instruments as well. I chose the piano and flute like my mom. Every Christmas night, our family would form a band and play Christmas carols. Over the years the band grew as my cousins and I learned to play instruments. We are now an ensemble of five flutes, one clarinet, a bari sax, two trumpets, a French horn, two trombones, and a drummer.

I did participate in concert and marching bands from elementary school through college. I also sang in church choir and showchoir at school. I even won the John Philip Sousa Music Award upon graduating from Milton High School.

Although I enjoyed music, I didn’t turn it into a career. I graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in broadcast journalism and worked as a radio and television anchor/reporter for ten years. Several of my news reports won awards from the Associated Press and the New York State Broadcaster’s Association.

So what brings me here to Music Showcase? Music and my mom. After moving to florida a few years ago, my mom got a job teaching piano and flute at Music Showcase. I wanted to be close to my family again. So I am now combining my musical background with my other job experiences to work at music showcase as the account manager. So come and see me in the office if you have any questions about your account…just please, don’t play for me “The Indian Song.” Just kidding!!!!!