Devin Karp

Piano & Piano Guild

Devin Karp acquired a love for music at a very young age in New York City hearing: Stride, Rag, jazz standards and classical, piano has been a very influential part of his life.  He began studying music at the age of 10 with Joseph Porto where he studied Jazz and Classical Music.  Played numerous sonatas, etudes, and waltzes from Beethoven, Scriabin, Chopin, Art Tatum and James P. Johnson.  Graduated with two Bachelors of Arts in Applied Mathematics and Music Studies with a concentration on performance and academics.  He studied with Dharshini Tambiah at USF, an all Stienway & Sons University.  Pursuing his Young Artist certification from the National Piano Guild is his next milestone.  Teaching as he has been taught, students will study hanon, scales, sight-reading, note practice, rhythmic changes and memory.  Students will agree to a verbal contract to practice 3 hours a week a half hour in our piano lesson and 2.5 hours at home for a half hour lesson and 6 hours a week for a hour lesson.  Lack of practice shows in growth and development of young pianist, playing music is a privilege that needs to be earned.