Jason P.

Guitar Luthier, String Repair

Jason P.I learned to work wood from my father who owned a store in Highlands, NC for several years. There we made and sold many woodcrafts and wooden signs which gave me a great deal of experience with shaping, gluing and finishing. Later I joined the U.S. Army as a diesel mechanic and worked there for 4 years on all types of equipment, providing me with experience with mechanics, hydraulics, cranes and winches. After my tour I went to Georgia Southern University for a year studying mechanical engineering and using computer assisted drafting programs. All the while I was playing music on guitar and mandolin so I decided to take my interests and combine them by becoming a luthier. I attended Luthier’s International Guitar Repair and Building program in Stone Mountain Georgia in 2001. After completing my certification I have constantly been repairing stringed instruments professionally for clients, friends and several music stores in North Carolina and Georgia. I have been at Music Showcase since October 2004 first in charge of guitar repairs and then, soon after, I took over the orchestra instrument repairs as well. We currently service around 100 schools in the area plus many walk-in and student instruments. I have gained a broad knowledge of repairs of many kinds and if I do not have the capabilities to repair an instrument I will find out where to refer it for proper care. I am constantly researching and developing new techniques and implementing them throughout my work. I see all repairs as a challenge. I am always looking for ways to perform more in-depth techniques and even make the “easy ones” more efficient. No instrument whether student or vintage gets any less effort from me to make it play and look the best.

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