Good Playing Condition repairs involve repairing any necessary deficiencies to put the instrument in proper working order. This includes pad replacement, tenon cork replacements, adjusting and the regulating of all key functions. These repairs are billed on an individual basis. All instruments are play tested and guaranteed to work properly.

Overhauls involve complete disassembly of the instrument, removal of dents, repair of any structural damage, replacement of any necessary springs. Then reassemble, adjust and play test.

Chemical bath is a thorough cleaning and sterilization of instrument; removes corrosion that especially affects the lead pipe and other areas where moisture has a chance to set; and leaves inside of horn totally clean smelling and looking like new. We replace corks, felts, and worn springs and adjusts valves for proper porting. Valves and slides are lubricated with our highly specialized lubricant to prevent sticking.

Other miscellaneous services we offer:
  • Estimates
  • Pull Mouthpiece
  • Pull Slides
  • Trumpet Valve Work
  • Solder Joints
  • Trombone Slide Work

Maintenance Plan (MP)
Available only to customers who have a rental or lease account with Music Showcase.
MP for Rented:
Trumpets, Trombones - $4/month
Single French Horns, Baritones, Euphoniums - $6/month
Double French Horns - $10/month
MP for Leased:
included in lease price