Bridge Pins 5-Way Switches
Strap Buttons with Screw and Felt Washer 500k & 250k potentiometers
Bone Nut and Saddle Blanks Metal Volume/ Tone Knobs
Plastic Nuts and Saddles All Nuts and Washers
Electric Guitar Bridge Saddles Mother of Pearl Inlay Dots
Tremolo Springs Acoustic Pick guards
Tremolo Arms Switch knobs
Output Jacks String Grommets
Jack Plates and Ferrules Locking Nut String Holders with Screw
Machine Heads All Basic Springs
12-String Machine Heads Floyd Rose String Blocks
All basic screws 9-Volt Battery
Metal Volume/Tone knobs with set screw 9-Volt Battery Connector
Plastic Knobs Plastic Inlay Dots
3-Way Switches String Trees
Abelone Inlay Dots  
Basic Setup: Instrument strung and tuned with basic minor adjustments to make playable.
Custom Setup Includes:
Neck Adjustments Using Truss Rod; Bridge-to-Body Leveling; Action Adjustments to Player's Preference Intonation Adjustments; Pickup-to-Strings Adjustment; All Screws, Nuts and Mounting Bolts Tightened Instrument Polished; All Complete Setups Require New Strings.
Custom Guitar Setups:
General Setups; Setups Requiring Neck Angle Adjustments; Floyd Rose Type Setups; Floyd Rose with Neck Angle Adjustments.

Maintenance Agreement
Available only to customers who have a rental or lease account with Music Showcase.
MA for Rented:
Acoustic Guitars - $4/month
MA for Leased:
included in lease price