Violin Bridges Cello Tuning Pegs
Viola Bridges Violin Precision Pegs
Cello Bridges Cello Precision Pegs
Bass Bridges Violin/Viola Nut Blanks
Violin/Viola Fine Tuners Violin/Viola Bow Frogs
Cello Fine Tuners Violin/Viola Tuning Pegs
Wooden Violin/Viola Tailpieces Cello Tailpiece Gut with Fasteners
Wooden Cello Tailpieces Violin/Viola Tailpiece Gut with Fasteners
Metal Violin/Viola Tailpieces with Fine Tuners Metal Cello Tailpieces with Fine Tuners
Violin/Viola Fingerboards Cello Fingerboards
Wooden Violin/Viola Endpins Plastic Violin/Viola Endpins
Cello Endpin Assembly Bass Endpin Assembly
Endpin Set Screws Cello Nut Blanks
Cello Bow Frogs Bass Bow Frogs
Frog Adjuster Screw  
Music Showcase offers FREE ESTIMATES on all string repairs. Simply bring your instrument by our store in Brandon, Florida and we will provide you with a free estimate - its that easy! Let us take the worry out of repairing your instrument.

Free Services we offer:
  • Estimates
  • Reset Bridges
  • Tune Instrument

Maintenance Agreement
Available only to customers who have a rental or lease account with Music Showcase.
MA for Rented:
Violins, Violas - $4/month
Cellos - $6/month
Basses, Bassoons - $10/month
MA for Leased:
included in lease price