Music Showcase offers FREE ESTIMATES on all repairs. We repair pro and intermediate woodwind instruments as well as student models. Simply bring your instrument by our store in Brandon, Florida and we will provide you with a free estimate - its that easy! Let us take the worry out of repairing your instrument.

Good Playing Condition repairs involve repairing any necessary deficiencies to put the instrument in proper working order. This includes pad replacement, tenon cork replacements, adjusting and the regulating of all key functions. These repairs are billed on an individual basis. All instruments are play tested and guaranteed to work properly.

A complete re-pad would include completely disassembling the instrument, chemically cleaning the body inside and out, raise dents, polish, replacing all pads and corks, replace springs as needed, reassemble, adjust, oil, and play test.

Other miscellaneous services we offer:
  • Estimates
  • Oil Bore
  • Move Thumb rests
  • Gold Plate Flute Embouchure Plate
  • Solder Joints
  • Remove Most Dents

Maintenance Agreement
Available only to customers who have a rental or lease account with Music Showcase.
MA for Rented:
Flutes, Piccolos, Clarinets - $4/month
Alto, Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Oboes - $6/month
MA for Leased:
included in lease price