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Please read the entire contract carefully. You are entering into a legally binding agreement.

MUSIC SHOWCASE: Unlimited Rental Plan permits you to rent on a month-to-month basis with option to purchase (call for details).


1. This instrument may be rented for an indefinite period of time so long as the conditions of this contract are met. The monthly rental amount will not be prorated.

2. FAILURE TO REDELIVER HIRED OR LEASED PERSONAL PROPERTY. Whoever, after hiring or leasing any personal property or equipment under an agreement to redeliver the same to the person letting such personal property or equipment or his or her agent at the termination of the period for which it was let, shall, without the consent of such person or persons knowingly abandon or refuse to redeliver the personal property or equipment as agreed, shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083, unless the value of the personal property or equipment is of a value of $300 or more; in that event the violation constitutes a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084. Failure to return rental property or equipment upon expiration of the rental period and failure to pay all amounts due (including costs for damage to the property or equipment) are evidence of abandonment or refusal to redeliver the property, punishable in accordance with section 812.155, Florida Statutes.

3. The instrument may be returned and this agreement cancelled so long as rental installments are current. Renter is responsible for returning the instrument to Music Showcase. Do not leave the instrument at school or with a band director or a Music Showcase representative without proper advance authorization from Music Showcase. Renter acknowledges that he/she is totally responsible for the condition of the instrument and agrees to pay for any damage beyond normal wear, tear, and depreciation. All original accessories such as mouthpieces, drumpads, sticks, stands, bows, etc. must be returned with the instrument or the renter must purchase new accessories.

4. Renter agrees to notify Music Showcase of any change of residence address, phone number, or school attendance by the student (user of instrument) within 10 (ten) days of any such change and agrees not to dispose of or remove above instrument from HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY (or the county you will select in the next step) without written permission from Music Showcase.

5. The instrument remains the sole property of Music Showcase while being rented or purchased. Should the Renter default on any two consecutive monthly payments, Music Showcase may charge the full price of the instrument (less rental fees paid) to his/her valid credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover), or may take possession of the instrument with or without legal process on or off school premises, wherever found. Should Music Showcase execute the latter option, past due rental fees may be charged to Renters valid credit card or his/her account may be turned over to collections. Renter agrees to be responsible for the payment of costs and attorney fees incurred by Music Showcase in seeking instrument possession.

6. Music Showcase has the right to terminate this contract at any time.

7. All RENTAL FEES are non-refundable and non-transferrable and a portion is only transferable if the contract stays active and instruments are exchanged consecutively during that period. In the event the file is forced to collections, any original deposit becomes non-refundable as well.



Should my account become 10 (ten) days delinquent, I authorize Music Showcase to charge the monthly rent plus $10.00 late fee to my valid credit card account. In the event that any of these payments are declined by the card issuer, the entire balance is due upon demand, or the instrument must be returned to Music Showcase. If my account is delinquent and my credit card declined on more than one occasion, I understand a cash deposit will be required and collection charges added. 


Customer agrees payment will be charged to the credit card each month. Autopay is only available for Mastercard, Visa, and Discover credit cards. (American Express cannot be processed for Autopay.)


The Maintenance Agreement covers repair on instruments to keep the instrument in proper playing condition; however, it does not include the replacement of missing parts (posts, crowns, barrels, etc.), mouthpieces, reeds, ligatures, caps, oils, cleaning materials, neck straps, strings, rosin, drum sticks, drum heads and practice pads. It does NOT cover malicious damage or broken body section. (Labor costs to transfer keys is covered but the price of the body section is NOT COVERED.) Any body damage, i.e., cracks in violin, damage from shoulder rests, bent flute bodies, major dents in brass and woodwind instruments, broken necks on stringed instruments, etc., are NOT COVERED under the Maintenance Agreement. Additionally, this agreement does not cover the theft or loss of a rented instrument.


I understand that attempts at self-repair of this instrument will void my maintenance agreement. For example, pulling mouthpieces, gluing parts, etc.


Clarifications and Amendments to original contract with Music Showcase, Inc.:

1. Music Showcase’s rental program is a rent to own with no obligation to purchase.  Upon returning the instrument, customer is obligated to pay outstanding rental fees and/or damage to the instrument not covered under the repair and replacement.    

2. Customer can purchase the rental instrument at any time. Please contact the account manager about an early pay discount.

3. You can exchange the instrument you’re renting at any time for another model or step-up model instrument. Half of the rental fees from a previous (consecutively exchanged) instrument can be applied towards the purchase of your final instrument. Money generated from sales tax or repair and replacement do not apply.

4. Rental fees are not refundable or prorated. Please do not pay in advance if you are uncertain that your child will be continuing. If you are returning the instrument, it must be returned on or before your due date. For example, if your due date is July 1st, we must receive the instrument on or before July 1st in order to not incur additional rental fees.

5. Customer understands they must keep all information with Music Showcase current. This information will be kept confidential at all times and only be given to necessary parties who directly handle your account. This includes, but is not limited to address, phone number, work information, reference phone number, credit card number, and child’s school.

6. Delinquency routine performed by Music Showcase Collection Department: Should a customer default on their rental payment by 10 days, the credit card number on file will be charged the rental payment due plus late fees. Should the card not process for the amount due, collection proceedings will begin and a new card number or cash deposit will be required to continue renting. Should the customer become over 30 days delinquent, account will be red flagged and customer has 15 days to make payment on account and return the instrument, update the credit card information and continue renting or make payment on account and return the instrument. After the 15 days, customer understands that Music Showcase will make every effort to repossess its instrument by all legal rights on or off school premises or from the customer’s home. Please understand should this happen, customer will be turned over to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) for theft of a rented instrument and the crime will be processed as a felony due to the value of the instrument exceeding $300.00. Also understand, should a customer’s mail be returned with no forwarding information and should Music Showcase have no working phone numbers or credit card numbers on file at any point during the rental, the instrument will immediately be repossessed and/or turned over to the HCSO for prosecution.

7. Theft, loss, negligence and irresponsibleness is not covered under the maintenance agreement. Tips for care: Do not leave instrument in a hot car. Do not store music in any instrument’s case, it will damage the instruments, even if you think the book fits. For violins and violas, do not store shoulder rests in case on top of the instrument, it will damage the wood and crack the violin or viola.

8. Online Rentals: Please reference diagram of instrument that will be emailed within 7 days to you. This diagram reflects the condition of the instrument along with any markings or blemishes. The instrument should be returned in like condition as it was rented.

Billing Options

Important: You must choose one of the following billing options (select below add to cart button).

  1. AUTO-PAY. Your card will be automatically billed each month on or around the billing date. Your monthly billing date will be shown on the order confirmation page and is an approximate date. You must notify us immediately of any changes to your billing information. Refer to the above terms or call us for details.
  2. MANUAL-PAY. You MUST make a payment manually BY THE BILLING DATE every month. Invoices are not mailed, so you must keep track of the date. You can make your payments with a credit card online or by phone, via mail, or in the store.

Remember that allowing your account to become delinquent constitutes felony theft of the instrument.

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