String Instrument Care

Music Showcase is committed to helping our customers find the greatest potential in their musical investment. For your convenience, we have put together this special care guide for your stringed instrument. For the best use from your instrument, it is important that you give careful attention to the following recommendations.*


General String Care for Violins, Violas, Cellos, & Double Basses

  • Do not leave in a hot car or in the trunk of your vehicle. Extreme temperatures are dangerous to a string instrument, as the rosin may melt, destroying the case and instrument itself.
  • Wipe off the instrument after each playing to remove fingerprints and residue. Use a polish every two weeks or every month to keep rosin from builing up on the instrument.
  • Loosen tension on the bow when placing it in the case.
  • Do not attempt to clean the hair on the bow yourself. It requires a special denatured alcohol.
  • Do not hang the violin or viola on a music stand; this damages the wood and finish on the scroll.
  • Do not store shoulder rest in a case or on top of the instrument. It will scratch or crack the body of the instrument. Instead, purchase a shoulder rest carrying pouch to transport the shoulder rest to and from school or practice.
  • Do not set anything on top of the instrument, whether inside or outside of its case; this includes sheet music! Damage occurs easily when items are set on the instrument and the case is closed.
  • Tune the instrument with the tuning pegs first. Then, when you are close to the pitch, use the fine tuners for minor adjustment only. Overusing the fine tuners results in them digging into the body of the instrument and damaging your violin or viola.

*Music Showcase provides this information without liability. Please consult our repair department if you have questions regarding the maintenance of your instrument.