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Piano Lessons - 30 Minute Trial Lesson

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Weekly Private Music Lessons 


  • You are signing up for 30-minute weekly private music lessons at a cost of $70.00 per month.
  • You must pay for at least the first month today, though you may pay for additional months by selecting a different quantity to add to your cart. You may also select the Auto-Pay option (explained below), which will apply to all future lessons.
  • There is a one-time $15.00 registration fee for each new student.
  • A Music Showcase representative will contact you to set up a lesson time that works within your schedule. If none of the available lesson times are acceptable to you, your fees will be promptly refunded.

Lesson Terms & Conditions

You must understand and agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. LESSON FEES. Lessons are $70 per month for weekly 30-minute sessions, $100 per month for weekly 45-minute sessions, and $140 per month for weekly 60-minute sessions. To inquire about group lessons, please contact the ELITE Center front desk for rates and details. There is a $15 one-time Registration Fee for the first student and a $10 Registration Fee for each additional student. Tuition is a flat rate, and includes 3-5 lessons depending on the month. Private lessons carry a value of $20 for 30 minutes and $40 for 60 minutes. By charging a monthly fee, we are able to discount the value of the lesson and average the amount of lessons taken. Make-up lessons will not be given for cardinal holidays where the school is closed.

2. PAYMENT.Your appointment is continual, and you will be charged monthly unless Music Showcase is notified in advance of absences. Reserved time slots are weekly commitments and the student's attendance is expected each week, unless a lesson is cancelled or lessons are discontinued in writing. Lessons are required to be paid by the 1st of the month. There will be a $15 Late Fee for payments made after the 14th of the month. Payments can be made in person, over the phone, online, or with our Auto Pay service, where monthly tuition is automatically deducted from your account at the beginning of each month. Music Showcase requires your Driver's License on file in the event that a check is written, and as a safety precaution since we are a company with many child customers. Music Showcase also requires that a credit card be kept on file. Should your balance become delinquent, Music Showcase will deduct this total from your designated account. Your records are kept in private and highly secured. 

3. CANCELLATION/MAKEUP LESSON PROCEDURE. Cancellations must be made an hour or more before the lesson time in order for the student to receive a make-up lesson. All make-up lessons must be scheduled within 30 days. After the 30-day window, the lesson is forfeited. This includes situations where teachers have limited availability. If your instructor cancels a lesson, this lesson can be made up at any time and does not expire. Make-up lessons are not given for No Shows, where a student does not come to their lesson, and has not contacted Music Showcase in advance. If you schedule a make-up lesson, and cancel this, this make-up lesson cannot be rescheduled. For months that have 5 weeks, a credit or refund will not be issued for the 5th lesson of the month under any circumstance. There are two processes in which you may cancel your scheduled lesson and they must all be done with Music Showcase ELITE staff, not your individual instructors:

A. By Phone: To cancel a lesson, please call us at (813) 685-5998.
B. Online: This is for cancellations made in advance only. Please do not submit an online cancellation form on the same day as your scheduled lesson. You must contact the ELITE Center directly to cancel a lesson on the day of your scheduled lesson. Please visit our website at www.musicshowcaseonline.com and click on the "lesson cancel" icon on the home page. Fill out the information on the lesson cancellation form, and click "submit". 

4. ENDING OF LESSONS. Should your current teacher or appointment time not be the best option for you, we are happy to schedule you with a different teacher, different instrument or different day and time that is well-matched and convenient for you. However, if you must discontinue your lessons, you can do so by notifying the ELITE Center front desk in person, calling, or submitting an Ending Form online. Unused lesson are held as a credit to your account and are non-refundable.

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION. It is the parents responsibility to inform the instructor or Music Showcase of any known health limitations or special learning needs or gifts in compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES. Music Showcase encourages their students to perform and showcase what they’re learning in lessons. There are monthly recitals in the Music Showcase auditorium and opportunities to perform at various community events throughout the year. Students can also further their musical growth by participating in clinics with well-known professionals and workshops. Students and parents should ask their instructor or a school representative about participating in the concerts.

Since the opening of the school, we have grown and are making a lot of positive changes. Due to the growth and excitement of our students, we are always trying new things (i.e., recitals, clinics with well-known professionals, concerts, etc.). Please ask your instructor or visit our website about monthly recitals and other events.

Please Note

The price below is for ONE MONTH of lessons. In order to continue your weekly lessons, you will have to pay for each month in advance using one of our payment options listed below.

  1. AUTO-PAY. Pay for at least one month and the one-time registration fee today. Choose the Auto-Pay option (described above), and future lessons will be automatically charged to your credit card.
  2. PRE-PAY. Pay for one or more months of lessons and the one-time registration fee today. Pay for future months of lessons at our Performing Arts Academy in person, over the phone, or online. Lessons must be paid in advance as described in the terms above.

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